Ways To Pack

Every woman wants to keep her formal wear in the same condition as the day she bought them. While designer dresses are made to the highest standards that will stand the test of time, they would still require the right care and attention. Apart from properly storing them, you also have to learn the right way to pack them. If you’re planning to wear a favourite formal dress, such as a prom dress that is still in vogue, to a destination wedding or to another event that requires you to travel, you will be faced with the prospect of having to pack the dress. Here are a few tips.

  • Suitcase Packing – When flying, for example, you have little choice but to fold the dress and store it in a suitcase; the best way to do this is to lay the garment on the bed and straighten out the dress. Carefully fold the dress and put it into the empty suitcase, then add folded items in a random way, as each folded item will provide additional protection. It is important that there is padding all round, but don’t cram garments into the case, as this might cause creasing.
  • Wrinkle-Free Folding – There is a technique to folding garments and keeping them free of wrinkles. Hold the dress at the very top, by the straps or shoulders with both hands, then fold the gown inwards to create a fold down the center. Shake the dress, then lay it flat, spreading the garment to remove creases and folding the dress bottom inward from both sides.
  • Hang The Dress – When not in use, you should always hang the dress, making sure there are no wrinkles. Put a plastic sleeve over the garment. If you’re going to transport the gown in a hanging capacity, add another zip-up bag for the best protection. The staff at your favourite dress shop may have already shared to you this tip. Taking one of the unique prom gowns from Peaches Boutique, for example, on a long train or coach journey might be safest packing the gown into a suitcase.
  • Long-Term Storage – Once the prom is over and you wish to store the gown, place acid-free tissue paper between each layer, aiming to keep fabric from touching fabric. Store the dress inside a dress bag, hanging of course, and take it out every few months to check that all is well.

There are free resources online about dress care; you can watch a YouTube video showing how to pack a ball gown into a suitcase, which means you can’t really go wrong. 

When it comes to buying a prom dress, the best source of top designer dresses is the online boutique, where you can browse a selection of designer creations; search by price, style or color and the great thing about online shopping is you can shop at your own pace.

The Importance Of Good Quality Dry-Cleaning Garment Bags

The Importance Of Good Quality Dry-Cleaning Garment Bags

There will probably be quite a few times when you need to store formal wear and a Google search will take you to a supplier and you can order a pack. Made with thick plastic, these bags will protect the garments and storing a dress without one could lead to rodent holes.

When cleaning a designer dress, always follow the fabric care instructions and your dress should always be in great condition and ready for the next party.