Cricket is considered to be a very popular sport game in India. For this country, cricket is a kind of religion. Love for her is instilled from birth. The popularity of cricket never fades in India. This is their lifestyle. Today we will talk about famous captains – representatives of Indian cricket. We will talk about the success that all these people have achieved. The betting company Parimatch in has compiled a rating of the best representatives of Indian cricket.

Who Is the Most Successful Captain in India With the Best Win Rate

Ten of the best captains in Indian cricket

  • So, Parimatch offers the ten most recognized leaders that represent India around the world:
  • R. Sharma. This athlete is in first place in the Parimatch ranking. He is a true professional in his field. He is just a master. Many will agree with this. Rohit is one of the best captains in the history of Indian cricket. Thanks to him, India has been the winner in many world competitions. Rohit was a great replacement for Virat Kohli and basically took his place. But well deserved. As a captain, he is a true professional. He knows how to properly organize a team. Many consider him the best Indian captain.
  • V. Kohli. Virat is considered very serious and influential. This is the world-famous person who, in percentage terms, has the largest number of competitions won. Thanks to him, the representatives of India became leaders in their time. When he was the captain, the Indian team was the strongest and did not spare the opponents. There were no losses in home lyrics with this captain. With such a captain, India became famous throughout the world.
  • MS Dhoni is another of the Indian leaders. For many, he really is the best. And there are reasons for this. He leads India to numerous victories. Under him, India won 110 out of 200 ODIs. And in 41 out of 72. Looking at these data, it becomes clear why this particular captain is rightfully considered the best of the best. A whole generation grew up with him who believed in him. For many, he is a true hero and a true leader.
  • S. Ganguly. Thanks to this man, India became self-confident and courageous. After all, before him, she was almost at the bottom. This made him a well-deserved leader in his time. In 2003, India was in the final of the world tournament and was in second position. With him, the team won 21 out of 49 tests and 76 out of 146 ODIs. He brought up a lot of beginner players.
  • R. Dravid. The world learned about him in 2006. Prior to that, he was just a deputy. Dravid helped the representatives of India achieve many victories. His achievements are 8 out of 25 test games and 42 out of 79 ODIs. He stopped being a captain after a big failure in 2007.
  • M. Azharuddin. Thanks to this captain, the team won 14 tests and 90 ODIs. These are just great scores. Under him, India beat England and also won 13 out of 14 home tests. Although they were accompanied by criticism.
  • K. Dev. His rating is not that great. But still he belongs to one of the best Indian captains. Thanks to Kapil, India defeated England 2–0. In the ODI, India won 39 out of 74 times.
  • S. Tendulkar. He was captain in 25 Tests. There were 23 wins out of 73 in ODI. This is not the most successful captain, but he also made a significant contribution.
  • S. Gavaskar. Under him, 14 out of 37 ODIs and 9 out of 47 tests were won.
  • N. Pataudi. After losing sight in one eye, he led the team. He was only 21 at the time. It was with him that the Indian team became more confident.

As you have already understood, cricket is really very important for India. All these people from the list brought something of their own to this sport. Some a little more, some a little less. But each of them deserves their place on the list.