Breastfeeding Is So Important

Cumulative Health Benefits

Breastfeeding went out of style for ten to twenty years between the seventies and early nineties, depending on where you were living in the United States or the world at that time. This was a mistake. There is no formula that is mass-produced by any corporation which comes even close to the health benefits which develop from breastfeeding. In this blog, you will know about Why Breastfeeding Is So Important.

Think about it critically: core to femininity is the ability to nourish a newborn from your very body. Genetically speaking, the baby has been designed to subsist directly from his or her mother during early months and years of life. Similarly, the body of the mother is designed to adjust to infant needs in an organic fashion which cannot be surrogate anywhere.

As it turns out, the health benefits of nursing exist not only for the baby, but for you as a mom as well. Just to give you some perspective, check out this list of health benefits that exist not only for the baby, but for mom.

With that in mind, here we’ll go over some more data points regarding breastfeeding to help you see why this is important, and how you can get the help you need when unexpected situations develop which can make nursing more of a challenge than you expected.

Long-Term Breastfeeding

While it’s a bit extreme to breastfeed a child past the age of five, there are some mothers who do this. That said, it isn’t remotely extreme to breastfeed a child until they’re toilet trained. Did you know some mothers breastfeed up to two years after pregnancy? The World Health Organization actually endorses such long-term nursing.

You don’t necessarily have to physically breastfeed the child to nurse them this long. While the physical act itself has emotional and psychological benefits for you and the child, all you really need to do is express it into a breast pump and freeze the milk. Breastmilk will keep about a week in the fridge, and up to twelve months when frozen.

Getting Help From The Pros

Getting Help From The Pros

Here’s the thing about nursing your child physically that makes it so many mothers would rather not: the act can be quite uncomfortable, and for a variety of reasons. Sometimes you get an inflammation of the breasts owing to mastitis caused by a variety of factors. Milk ducts can get clogged, which often causes decreased or low milk supply, and there are plenty of times where you won’t express as you should. Head on to this website to learn more about how to increase your milk supply.

Additionally, even the most gentle infants can leave your paps feeling sore or raw. This discomfort can make physically nursing your child so difficult, you turn to formula. That’s the one thing you shouldn’t do. If you’re feeling too uncomfortable, as mentioned earlier, express it into a breast pump and save the milk for when your child is hungry.

If you’re having serious issues, be advised there are support options out there—a great example would be this breastfeeding consultant. While nursing may not be ideal all the time, it’s going to be best for you and your infant. So if you’re having trouble with latching or production or rawness early on, get the help you need.

Giving Your Child The Best “Head Start” You Can

Breastfeeding isn’t always ideal, but if you can do it, you should do it. Get help from the pros if necessary. Also, consider breastfeeding over a reasonable long-term.

While you may not necessarily nurse your child physically, you can nourish them with your breast milk through breast pumps and storage. However you are able to nurse your baby, you should.