The color of your eyes depends on so many factors. Basically, the colored part of your eyes is known as the iris. However, the color of our eyes comes from melanin. Yes, the same melanin that decides the color of our skin. You see, brown eyes are so common. But is there any reason? If you have the same question, we are here to find out.

In this article, we are sharing all the details regarding brown eyes including, benefits, health risks, factors, and personality traits. If you have been searching for the details, this article will be helpful. So, let’s get started.

What Causes Brown Eyes?

Well, when it comes to eye color, you can’t determine if the parents and the kids can’t have the same one. It happens because the genes influence your eye color. So, having different eye colors is common for a family.

Around 50% to 80% of people have brown eyes worldwide. The dark brown color is common in East Asia, Southeast Asia, and Africa. On the other hand, the light brown eye color is common in South Asia, West Asia, America, and Europe.

Brown Eyes
Brown Eyes

Another research says that if you are from East Asia, the Middle East, or Africa, your eye color comes from your family. In most cases, people used to believe that eye color comes from a father. However, new researches say that around 16 different genes can affect your eye color.

So, what causes brown eyes? It depends on the production, storage, and transport of melanin. For example, if someone has less melanin in the iris, they have blue eyes. A bit more melanin causes green or light color eyes. When someone’s iris gets a high concentration of melanin, they get darker shades.

Health Risk

Eyes talk a lot about your health. According to some studies, your eye color can predict a lot of health risks. A study from Cancer Epidemiology says that people with dark eye color have a low chance of eye cancer. That means you are luckier than someone with blue eyes. However, it does not mean that light eye color isn’t good for health.

Benefits of Having Brown Eyes

Now, you know what are the causes of having brown-colored eyes. If you are one of those brown-eyed people, you are lucky. Cause, there are some benefits of having brown eyes. In the following, we are sharing a list that includes the tops benefits of having brown-colored eyes. Let’s find out:


1. Less Chance of Eye Diseases

One of the best benefits of having brown-colored eyes is you have less chance of eye diseases. As we noted above, people with brown eyes have less chance of eye cancer. On the other hand, these people also have less chance of eye diseases such as macular generation and cataracts. If your iris has more melanin, your eyes are safe.

2. Less Chance of Sun Damage

Another great benefit of having brown-colored eyes is you have less chance of Sun damage. As pollution and UV rays have become a major issue, we need to protect our eyes. The good thing is, people with brown color in their eyes have a lower chance to get affected by UV rays. Melanin plays a crucial role here to protect your eyes.

3. Different Color Variation

When someone has blue or green eyes, you wouldn’t see a lot of variation. However, color variation is good with brown-eyed people. There are different shades of eye color such as chestnut, amber, chocolate, honey, nut brown, and more. So, every person with brown eye color has different shades.

4. Less Risk of Type-1 Diabetes

Well, this factor isn’t that popular but brown-eyed people have less risk of type-1 diabetes. You see, diabetes can cause eye disease and it can be the cause of poor vision. When your iris has darker shades, it can prevent several diabetes-related diseases such as diabetic macula edema, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and cataracts.

Top Factors of Brown Eyes

You see, having brown colored eyes can be very beneficial. Well, there are some other factors about these people. No matter if you have brown eyes or someone from your family, make sure you are reading these fun factors. In the following, we are sharing top factors that you should notice on people who have brown colored eyes:

Brown Eyes
Brown Eyes


As we noted above, brown-eyed people are considered most trustworthy compared to others. Hence, this theory comes after much research. According to some top studies, people with brown eye color are more reliable and trustworthy than people with lighter eye colors. Well, this theory is only based on studies. That does not mean all people with light eye color are not reliable.

Fast Reaction Time

Another scientific research says that people who have brown eyes can have fast reaction times. That means you can be more responsive to your surroundings when you are brown-colored eyes. On the other hand, people with light-colored eyes have less reaction time as their iris has less melanin.

Change in Eye Color

In some cases, your eye color depends on several factors. For example, you can have less melanin in your iris when you are born. It’s very common among newborn babies. However, when their body grows, melanin starts growing. Well, their eyes get darker as melanin starts developing. In most cases, it takes several years to change the eye color.

Personality Traits

As we noted above, your eye color says a lot about your personality. Most people with brown eyes are highly intelligent. On the other hand, people with this eye color are trustworthy and kind. However, these personality traits are not always applicable for people with brown eyes color.


As you can see, people with brown eyes have several benefits. We have shared all the details regarding people with brown color of eyes. Make sure you are reading them carefully. If you want to know more details, there are so many resources available on the internet.

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