There are many reasons people start collecting coins, especially gold coins. The most popular gold coin with new collectors is the 1oz gold coin. While there are many different coins worthy of collecting, the 1 oz gold coin is extremely popular for many reasons. It’s also a pretty safe starting place for those just figuring out how the market works and what the terms mean in the coin-collecting industry.  

New collectors must also find a reputable and trustworthy dealer to purchase their gold coins. This is the best way to protect potential investments by only purchasing the highest quality gold coins available. 

Here are several reasons why new coin collectors should start with the 1 oz gold coin. 

Higher Value

While there are several precious metals worth investing in, gold typically has a higher value than any other. The 1 oz gold coin is one of the safest investments for new collectors to help ensure the value increases over time. Gold of any type is a relatively stable investment, and the price of gold hasn’t gone below $1k per ounce for over 15 years now. Purchasing a 1 oz gold coin is a great investment for new coin collectors who want to ensure they can see a return over time. 

Historical Significance

The 1 oz gold coin is one of the most historically significant coins available. They are highly sought after around the world and recognized in many different economies. The 1 oz gold coin features the famous Lady Liberty on the front and is symbolic of the iconic double eagle on the back, depending on the year minted. The 1 oz gold coin has long been considered one of the most beautiful ever minted by the United States. 

Easily Acquired

While the 1 oz gold coin has a higher value than most and plenty of historical significance, it is still a relatively easy piece to acquire. It was minted in multiple years and isn’t so rare that it’s hard to find. Many new collectors start offsetting their sites on pieces that may be hard to find. Still, others chase after pieces that may be out of their price range. It’s important to collect coins that you can hold onto while they increase in value until you are ready to part with them, if ever at all.  

Fun to Show Off

Besides having a higher value and historical significance, the 1 oz gold coin is just plain fun to show off. Whether you are showing friends and family or other collectors, almost everyone loves the 1 oz gold coin. Its attention to detail and historical significance make it an absolutely gorgeous piece that is sought after by collectors all over the world. The U.S. Mint is recognized worldwide for its purity and high quality.

Buy Your 1 Oz Gold Coin Today

If you are considering starting a coin collection, start by purchasing your 1 oz gold coin today. If you’ve already got a coin collection, the 1 oz gold coin makes an incredible addition to enhance the value of your existing collection. Its historical significance, innate value, and attention to detail make it a one-of-a-kind piece recognized around the world. Whether you’re just starting your collection or enhancing an existing one, you can’t go wrong with a 1 oz gold coin.  



By Swati