Nothing beats wood for that rustic, charming farmhouse touch. These days, rustic industrial designs are on the uptrend, and the best wood material for these projects is a pinewood pallet. With a well-planned design, you can create functional and even quirky furniture using a good-quality wood pallet. The choice of lumber store for your pallet determines the quality of the furniture you will make. Choose a reputable pallet supplier and take away the anxiety and worry while you build. A good supplier uses new and high-quality lumber. 

Pine is considered softwood lumber and less dense. These attributes give the wood a workability feature allowing a wide range of applications or use. Light in colour, it enables manufacturers to stain it in any way the client specifies. A drying process which the wood undergoes can render it strong and sturdy as hardwood, ensuring decades of lifespan. 

Reasons You Should Choose Pine

  1. Lightweight

Lightweight and contemporary pieces of furniture is the trend these days. Gone are the days of bulky, massive bed frames, dining tables and chairs. Light furniture gives an ambience of organic, bright feel in homes or offices. Also, this allows for easy rearrangement of furniture. You can achieve a new look without having to change furniture. 

  1. Impact Resistance

This feature makes pinewood furniture resistant to damage that comes from knocks and bumps. 

  1. Resists Shrinking and Swelling 

Wood swells when it absorbs water and shrinks when it dries out. These cause the wood to warp. Pinewood warps the least because of its close grain. Furniture retains their shape because of pinewood’s resistance to swelling and shrinking brought about by changes in temperatures and humidity.

  1. Naturally Light Colour

This option will give you a chance to stain the wood to match your home’s existing colour theme as well as your window tinting. Or you may stick to its natural colour. This way, it will be effortless to put the furniture in any room or with any set of furnishings. It is best to work closely with your pallet supplier to achieve your desired tint.

  1. Natural Look

Pinewood naturally has knots. These knots give this wood that rustic, rugged appeal. The shabby chic look is easily achieved with a distressed pinewood. Distressing wood is when you use tools, sandpaper or chemicals to add imperfections to the wood for age and character. The knots add charm and decorative effect to the furniture.

  1. Costs Less

Pine trees are fast-growing and in much abundance in many parts of the world. Because of its wide and easy availability, the cost of this wood becomes affordable compared with other lumber material.

Furniture is treated as valuables because they can last a home or a homeowner’s lifetime. They define a home’s character. They can be used to play up a home’s best feature. These items become so important that in real estate, staging can help sell homes. A plain house can be turned into a magnificent stage by using complimentary, well-appointed furniture. 

Often buyers run their hands and fingers through these furniture, and well-staged homes sell faster. Sellers can be so enamoured with the furniture that they expect them to be included in the house sale. Don’t you want your home to display warmth and comfort? The pine scent from the furniture lasts quite a while too and that makes for a refreshing Christmassy air all year through.