Will AI replace human voiceover? – A blog about how Artificial Intelligence can revolutionize the world of audio as a service and technology

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) have readily become popular in the field of media. It is because the IT sector has made so much progress, and AI training and its implementation are consistently rising. Face recognition, voice recognition, self0driving cars, and driver assistance systems have become quite common. What was considered to be fiction is a thing of reality. And there’s more coming!

AI’s integration into human life is yet to be seen. The labor of humans will be performed by robots. In the production business, robots have largely replaced humans. Even in the field of software, things have advanced a lot. Graphic effects using software play a major part in movies. The resemblance of an AI voice to a human voice and the power of AI to mimic any human voice has raised concerns for voice artists. And, in no time, AI will capture the voiceover industry too.

Though real voices are still in trend, the competition is getting more intense. They have taken over and are winning over audiences. This has put the human voiceover sector in danger. The AI-based speech solutions are now being thoroughly developed, and the proficiency is as high as humanlike voice. Most people cannot differentiate between them. And this has created a market demand to drive this forward.

Sonic, a popular AI voice company, claims to make an innovation in the development of voiceovers by producing a synthetic voice that can express teasing and seduction. The idea is to incorporate non-speech voices in the audio and educate the AI model to imitate those, such as giggles, and small scoffs, which make the speech look more authentic.

Another text-to-speech generator, Play.ht, is a great platform to convert your written text into speech. So, if you have a voiceover for a video, all you need is to highlight the text you want to convert into audio, select the voice you want, along with the accent, language and speed, and you’re done. You will have the best AI voice within seconds. 

Will the AI take over the voiceover business?

AI voices have been in for some time now. Voice generation is evolving, and companies can create a digital voice similar to yours using the best AI voice generator. The capability of voice technology technologies to create humanlike voices has multiplied manifold.

Now brands, advertisement makers and companies no longer need human voiceover for videos, commercials and audios. They don’t have to recruit voiceover performers and spend money and time on them. The best AI voice generator did not eradicate human work but allowed the development of a more ambitious project.

Using a voice which is inseparable from that of a real person has become quite a trend. Whether it is phone voice assistance, GPS navigation, or just asking a query, using AI voices can help in every field. And with the advancement of AI, speech technology is consistently improving. 

People are responding better to AI chatbots. And in no time soon, this will take over the voiceover industry. With AI solutions, you can generate speech on the go and have crisp and precise conversations, helping them with everything they need. 

Once the AI voices are decked with emotions, the right voice tone, spacing and pitch, the listeners will not be able to differentiate it from a human voice, which will be the end of the voiceover industry.