youtube dark mode pc

YouTube is currently experimenting with youtube dark mode pc for both Windows 10 and macOS. I appreciate this move because when you watch the content for a long time, obscure topics will make the survey experience less troublesome to the eyes. Although the element has not yet made an official statement based on the fact that YouTube has tested it, here are some fundamental improvements that allow you to enable dark mode on both Windows 10 and macOS.

Enabling youtube dark mode pc requires a Windows 10 and macOS computer running the latest Google Chrome update.

You first need to check if your work framework is running the latest version of Google Chrome. To check whether this condition exists, please follow the method given below.

Launch Google Chrome and click Capture in the upper right corner; this will display a drop-down list of choices.

Explore “help”.

Click “About Google Chrome” youtube dark mode pc.

If it indicates that the deductive version of Google Chrome is running Update 57, then you can proceed to the next stage at this time.

How to enable youtube dark mode pc on Windows 10?

Go to and press Ctrl + Shift +I.

Click the “Support” tab.

Type the attached order in the given space and press Enter: document. cookie = “VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE = fPQ4jCL6EiE.”

Activate your web program. You can choose to view the “dark mode” option in the upper right corner’s settings menu.

Now you can turn it on or off according to your liking, and everything is ready.

How to enable youtube dark mode pc on macOS?

Go to and press Option + Command +I.

Click the “Support” tab.

Type the attached order in the given space and press Enter: document. cookie = “VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE = fPQ4jCL6EiE.”

To restore the web program like on Windows 10, you can choose to view the “dark mode” option in the settings menu in the upper right corner.

The same as the past, please turn it on or off according to your choice.

YouTube has not officially announced when it will be possible to use “Dark Mode” for free, because you have realized how to enable it in two stages, so your survey experience will be calmer than before.

Most important stages, work frameworks, management, etc., have just shown a dull pattern. These stages, administration and other functions enable the client to allow the dim mode on its application, site or more applications. In such settings, management departments and more losers include Twitter, Google, Android, iOS, WhatsApp, Windows, Google. Although the logical advantage of the limp mode is still questionable, there is one thing in common. According to conventional beliefs, the dim method ensures that your phone is more straightforward in your eyes. This includes using specific apps in the evening to turn on the phone at the beginning of the day, and the sky is the limit from there.

The important thing is that many well-known applications and management departments initially revealed the dull pattern in 2017. Considering all factors, most gadgets operate in dark mode and provide their devices with the promised framework-wide machine mode settings. Nonetheless, considering all factors, in any case, you may run in the non-dark mode of your favourite application. Today, we will show how to enable limp mode in YouTube’s Android and iOS app adaptations. We will also describe how to authorize this form on the PC or the PC’s YouTube website.

The most effective way to enable boring youtube dark mode pc

First, we should discuss mobile applications on Android and iOS platforms. The application on your phone. The implemented dark mode switch selection accompanies the newest form of the application on the confirmed OS variants. Also, they highlight the dull programming model in the supported Android and iOS deductive versions.

If you are running Android 10 and higher, then the latest YouTube application should switch naturally according to the framework theme’s instructions. You can find the dim theme switch under the “Display” section of Google Pixel phones. Similarly, depending on your phone brand, it is likely to be available in the “custom” or “theme” area. When you change to limp mode and open YouTube, it will proceed in a dimmed manner. You can control the theme by selecting a decision in the “Appearance” submenu in the “General” menu of the application “Settings”.

If you are running any established program,

please open the official YouTube app and go to “Settings” in the three-dot menu in the upper right corner. At that time, explore “normal” and flip the light mode switch there. If you are using iOS, you can essentially go to YouTube settings by tapping the “Record” button in the upper left corner and then finding the dim mode switch in summary.

Go to the work area to adjust on-site, click the three-dot menu in the upper right corner to enter the setting. Click here, and you can see the “Dark Theme” switch at the highest point of the language setting. Clicking on “Dull Theme” here will turn on a button and enable dim mode. You have gone for the moment you can appreciate the limp mode.

Whenever you wake up until three o’clock in the morning to accidentally watch a YouTube recording, why not take a break and turn off the lights? As discovered by Reddit, YouTube is now a mysterious dim mode that is not difficult to start. This is how you do it:

Make sure you have the latest version of Google Chrome youtube dark mode pc (version 57 and later)

Press Ctrl + Shift + I on Windows and Option + Command + I on Mac to open the engineering window

Select the “Support” tab

Paste the attached content: document.cookie = “VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE = fPQ4jCL6EiE” and press Enter

Close the engineering window, activate the program, and then access the dim mode switch in the upper right corner’s basic settings menu. Turning it on is as easy as tapping a light button:

This component has not yet received an authoritative report, but it is essential for the various changes that YouTube uses to make network synthesis. In our opinion, it looks very smooth and ideally will remain the same. Nice to read.

youtube dark mode pc

You should most likely pay attention to YouTube’s new component, YouTube dark mode, or YouTube dark theme. YouTube’s soft music allows customers to reduce the glare and base of your web screen when using or to play recordings. The limp mode provides a more direct visual experience for customers on YouTube.

Positively, this means that currently, YouTube allows you to convert an excellent light curtain base to a back base, which looks good when watching or playing records. Investigate boring subjects with pictures. After viewing this photo, you should consider enabling the YouTube dark theme on the gadget.

Enable or disable youtube dark mode pc

The Dim theme on YouTube can be used in Internet browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and other maintenance programs), while the YouTube workspace app can be used with Android and iOS apps.

On the web browser

In the case of using a mobile app

Just use the slider or the toggle button to make YouTube’s dull theme powerless, which is very basic. Most importantly, this will tell you to enable dim mode on your workspace or PC using Android at this time. No YouTube account is required to execute this strategy. If you are recognized now, that is fine, without logging in.

Note:┬áThe most important thing is that your program or Apps should be the most advanced. If you don’t have a chance not to see the authorization or make it dull, you need to check the program or application refresh.

YouTube on the web browser

Stage 1. Open any of your Internet browsers and go to YouTube. Dim topics always come up naturally.

If you are approved now, click on your profile photo in the upper right corner. Check picture 1 below:

denied? Or maybe not an order. Just click the menu button (three vertical DABs). Check picture 2:

At that time, you will see several alternatives in the given summary. Choose a dark theme.

Phase 2. Correspondingly, you will see a toggle or swipe button, which will allow you to enter the YouTube dark theme on your workspace or PC. Ideally, you can finally enter the dark theme mode.

YouTube on Mobile App

For Android devices: For the YouTube app on Android gadgets, the “dark theme” is another matter. Make sure your Android is refreshed. To enter YouTube dark mode on the YouTube app, please follow the rules below:

Dispatch the YouTube app -> click on your profile picture -> Settings -> General -> Appearance

When you press the appearance, you will see a second short prompt. You can choose to use the widget theme, light theme or dark theme. Choose radio broadcasts with dull themes to enhance functionality.

FAQ of youtube dark mode pc

How to disable YouTube dark mode?

In various ways, you can enable night mode on YouTube. But if you don’t need it, how will you debilitate yourself?

This is basic when you need to use dull, boring themes or night mode alternatives that are not available on YouTube on PC, Android or iOS gadgets, reach the similar area and use the switch or slider button, and Using the radio capture function on the mobile phone can eliminate this part.

How to change YouTube to dark on Windows 10?

How to enable YouTube dark mode on Windows 10? Go to and press Ctrl + Shift +I. Click the “Console” tab. Refresh your Internet browser, and you will be able to see the “Dark Mode” option in the settings menu in the upper right corner.

How to change the viewing mode on YouTube?

YouTube videos have many options, and you can configure these options to change the viewing experience. The content can be accessed from the lower right corner of the video (or the upper right corner when using a mobile application) while watching the video and includes subtitles, playback speed, resolution, theatre mode, and full screen.

How to turn on dark mode?

How to get dark mode on Android phones

Find the “Settings” menu and click “Display”> “Advanced.”

You will find “device themes” near the bottom of the feature list. Activate the “dark setting”.

How to put Google in dark mode?

Turn on dark theme

On your Android device, open Google Chrome.

Click More Settings in the upper right corner. Theme.

Choose the theme you want to use: system default, if you’re going to use Chrome in the “dark” music when the “power saving mode” is turned on or the mobile device is set to the “dark” theme in the device settings.

How to change the Google theme to black?

Turn on dark theme
On your Android device, open Google Chrome.
Click More settings in the upper right corner. theme.
Choose the theme you want to use: the system default, if you want to use Chrome in the “dark” theme when the “power saving mode” is turned on or when the mobile device is set to the “dark” theme in the device settings.

How to make Google black instead of white?
You can use a dark theme or color inversion to change the display to a dark background.

Turn on color inversion
Open the device’s “Settings” app.
Click Accessibility.
Under Display, click Color Invert.
Enable use of color inversion.
Optional: Open the color inversion shortcut. Learn about accessibility shortcuts.