Whether you are in the world, be it in Thailand or any other country in the West, you have certain rights and as citizen, you are afforded specific rights and privileges. We all have human rights: the right to shelter, food and accommodation. We all have free will, plus we have citizen rights according to the laws of the country we are in.

Here are a few scenarios when you should know your rights.

  • Filing A Lawsuit – In the event you feel that a party (company or individual) has been negligent in some way, you can file a lawsuit to claim compensation. If someone owes you money and despite many attempts, they are not forthcoming, you can file a lawsuit to reclaim the funds. In the event you were the passenger in a car accident, you might be able to sue the driver who was found to be negligent. The driver’s insurance policy would cover this compensation, should your claim be successful.
  • Charged With A Criminal Offence – If you should ever be arrested, you should not say anything, while insisting to contact, for example, a Thailand international law firm via a phone call. A criminal lawyer is on call 24/7. You should not hesitate to call in the event you are detained by the police.
  • Consumer Rights – As a consumer, you have certain rights and should you be unhappy with a product/service, you can file a complaint with the ombudsman. When purchasing something of value, you should read the returns policy and always keep warranty cards, records and receipts.
  • Last Will & Testament – If you think you were unfairly treated in a deceased family member’s will, you could contest the will. The first thing to do is seek out the advice of a family lawyer and after reviewing your case, the expert can advise accordingly.
  • Unfair Dismissal – This can happen to anyone and if you feel you were victimised and unfairly dismissed, you can approach the Ministry of Labour, who are duty-bound to investigate the matter. In the event they feel you have a case, they would investigate the facts, provide you with a lawyer and claim compensation.
  • Child Support – If you are in the process of going through a divorce and there are kids involved, it is imperative that you seek out a family lawyer. As a parent, you have rights and if you and your ex-partner cannot come to an agreement regarding child custody and visitation, this would be decided by a judge in the Family Court. Divorces can be highly stressful and without a lawyer, you could end up with an unfavourable outcome.

The Importance Of Legal Advice

If you are going into litigation, for example, you should not file the lawsuit until you have spoken to a litigation lawyer; the same goes for divorce and separation, signing business contracts and anything will-related. If you are ever in need of an English-speaking lawyer in a foreign country, Google will take you to the website of a leading law firm with offices in your current location.

We must abide by the laws of the nation in which we reside and should you ever be in need of legal advice, search online for an English-speaking lawyer.

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