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Kratom is a tree commonly known as the Mitragyna Speciosa, scientifically. These trees belong to the coffee family and are highly available in Southeast Asia and Africa. Normally, it is said that there are several benefits that this plant extract can provide to individuals. These can be consumed in several ways that include below and also the ways to Measure Kratom:

  • Some people use it as medicines
  • Other drinks of this plant extract tea to get relief from tiredness and increase productivity.
  • Also, severe people chew these leaves to enjoy the benefits.
  • Religious ceremonies can also include the use of this.
  • Some use this for opium.

Thus, these are really effective in dealing with pain, sedation, and pleasure as well. On one hand, people love red vein strain for the strong performance, on the other split kilo kratom for athletes remains an evergreen choice. However, several people get confused while measuring the Kratom. This plant extract needs a proper amount of measurement, or else it can provide several side effects. The dosage thus plays the most important part in an individual’s body. Thus several newbies also think of capsules.

In general, everyone has a different kind of mechanism, tolerance levels, biochemistry, and treatment needs, for that, everyone requires a different amount of dosage. In this blog, you can further understand how you will ensure the right amount of Kratom in your daily regime.

What are the incorrect Methods that you should avoid? 

Few measuring should be avoided by an individual to avail of the best Kratom dosage:

  • Eyeballing is a method that should be avoided. This is a method where you put the powder in your hand and measure it with your eyes. This is highly inconvenient and also does not provide the best measures.
  • Any kind of spoon can also be inconvenient as this will not provide the right amount of Kratom every time.

How to measure the Kratom in the Right Way? 

Several methods are available to measure the Kratom Powder, but all can provide a different amount. In this vast world, several tools are also available to help you get the best dosage. Depending on the tool that suits you best, you can further continue your measuring.

The list of best techniques of measuring this powder is further listed below:

1. Measuring Spoons

Measuring the powder of Kratom with the help of the measuring spoon can be the easiest and highly preferable. However, not all measuring spoons are identical. That is the reason it can provide an imprecise way of measuring and can be equally daunting in nature.

The entire measuring spoon can be available in a varied form, which means that there might include some changes. Another factor you should consider while measuring this is that you should know that different strains contain different amounts of grams, which is further obtained by understanding the consistency of the powder and knowing how finely these are grounded.

In this process, you will require a measuring spoon along with a normal spoon that you use daily.

The calculation can be further performed like:

  • Teaspoon- One teaspoon is equal to 2.0-2.3 grams.
  • Tablespoon- Similarly, one tablespoon is equal to 6.2-7.0 grams.

Steps for measuring:

  • Use a tablespoon to grab the powder from the container.
  • Then put it in the measuring cup to ensure you have collected the right amount.
  • If found extra, you can put it back in the container with the help of any dry card or butter knife.

These measurements can help you from consuming the heaping amount of powders and also help to maintain consistency in the dosage.

2. Powder Scale Measuring

The digital powder scale measurement is the best and the most effective kind of measuring tool. This also ensures that you receive a proper amount that is not provided by any of the measuring techniques. It will also provide an accurate amount of dosage every time you use the Kratom powder.

However, everyone does not have this scale at this home, but it can be available easily at a low price. Also, ensure that the scale can measure the minimum amount in grams, as it can be helpful to measure the same.

However, while performing this, there are a few things that you should know that are discussed below:

  • Ensure that your scale is tared or zeroed, as this will help you get the accurate measurement. The button present in the digital scale can further help you to achieve the same.
  • First, you should tar the scale in the empty container and then pour the powder into it.

With this scale, you can avail of the 100% true results, which means that no additional or less amount of Kratom you will consume with the help of this.

3. Using Capsules of Kratom

If you are in a hurry and do not have the time to measure the powder, you can opt for the Capsule measuring Kratom technique. Well, the capsules are already filled with powders in a measured form that gives the adequate measurement. Thus you can also avail this without any doubt in hurry-up situations.

You can also create your DIY capsules for ensuring more accuracy. However, this can be daunting and requires a piece of proper knowledge.

  • You can avail of the free capsule wraps in the market, but ensure that you are availing the right sized measured one, including the ’00’ and ‘000’.
  • Then with the help of the capsule filling machine, you can easily fill the powder in the capsule wraps. In this way, you will get your own knowledgeable capsule with an accurate amount of dosage.

However, before preparing the DIY capsule technique, you should sanitize your hands and keep them dried. Also, the machine should be well cleaned to maintain the sanitation and hygiene of the capsules you are making.


Thus from the above points, it is clear that you can measure the quality that you will consume regarding the Kratom powder. There are several methods that you can use while measuring the powder quantity. But not all can give consistent results, and then it becomes highly difficult for the body to further cope up. However, the above points are considered to be the best measures to measure the amount of this that you will consume. However, among the above list, the second one, including the scale measuring, is the best way to measure among all. This also gives the best and accurate amount of results.

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