Baby Bath

Often, people say they want to make bath time fun for their baby. Indeed, this is going to suit some parents and their children. But, there are going to be other occasions where you want to keep the activity calm and relaxing. This is particularly true when you want to bath your child before bedtime. Alternatively, if your child does not like water, you will want to keep the occasion calm and anxiety-free. Here are some useful tips that can lead to a calming baby bath time.

Use Nurturing Products

Of course, when your baby is going in the bath, they are going to need some products to wash the skin and make sure they are clean. But you have to be very careful with the bath products you use since their skin is sensitive. The last thing you want to do is upset your child because you used strong ingredients that have overpowering smells or even sting the skin.

Thus, you need to look for nurturing products that are especially for young children. For example, one that is particularly popular right now is a moisturising baby bath product from Frezyderm. It contains ingredients for sensitive skin and that are able to gently cleanse your child’s skin without causing dehydration. In particular, there is chamomile for calming and avoiding irritation.

Monitor the Temperature

When you are taking a bath for yourself, you might enjoy having really hot water so that you can relax. But, this is not something that is recommended for children since they are sensitive to temperatures. You can end up causing irritation to the skin, as well as upsetting them before bedtime. 

So, you need to monitor the temperature of the bath very carefully. You want the water to be warm but not too hot. Everybody always says to use your elbow to test the water and this is a good technique. It will allow you to see whether your child will be comfortable in the bath. Again, this is key to keeping them relaxed and unphased by the bath experience. Then, they should be able to go down for the night and get a good night’s sleep.

Choose Quiet Toys

There are many children’s toys that are loud, bright and over-stimulating. This can make your child energetic or just be too overwhelming for bath time. Toys can be great in the bath, as they can be a distraction and something for your child to concentrate on. But you want to select something that is going to promote relaxation.

Therefore, you want to choose your bathtime toys wisely. This means choosing quiet toys that you think will calm your child. Since you will know their personality best, you can select one by yourself. Keeping noise to a minimum is something that is recommended to keep things calm and relaxing. Then, they are going to be more likely to drift off to sleep afterwards.

Wash Slowly and Calmly

You are going to be the one washing your baby, which includes using shampoo on their hair. So, you want to ensure that the actions you are using are calm and slow, which can promote relaxation. This includes gentle massage to help your child remain calm and to get ready to sleep.

Sometimes, you are in a hurry when it comes to bath time if you have things to do. But, moving slowly and calmly is essential to keeping your child relaxed. They can pick up on your energy is you are stressed or hurrying. Try to enjoy this moment and take a second to slow down. You will find that it will benefit the bedtime routine.

Have a Towel Ready

Of course, when you lift your child out of the bath, they are going to be exposed to the cold air after coming out of the water. This can be a bit of a shock, and you want to ensure you can dry them off and warm up quickly. This will help with the transition from bath time to bedtime and ensure that you do not upset your child and cause discomfort.

So, ensure that you have a towel ready for your child as soon as they are lifted out of the bathtub. This way, you can quickly wrap it around them to provide warmth and to dry them off. Keeping positive language during this time is also going to help with the transition and make sure it is as smooth as possible.

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